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Stolen dog reunited with owner after more than a decade, but a member of his loving family is missing

NASHVILLE – About 13 years ago, a teen boy watched in horror from the kitchen as a man in a red Dodge pickup truck pulled in front of his family’s house and scooped up their little dog from the front yard.

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COVID-19 Update

Greetings from Apache Trail Animal Hospital!

We hope you all are taking appropriate precautions and staying well! For the ongoing well-being of our healthcare team, clients, and community, effective immediately, we are postponing all non-essential hospital visits. This includes preventative visits, grooming, nail trims, boarding, etc.

We hope that this will allow us to continue to be […]

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Is Cat Dandruff A Serious Problem?

Cat dandruff is a skin condition characterized by dry, itchy, flaky skin. This is unknowingly common to most cats. Dandruff appears like white specks on the skin causing it to be dry and itchy. A lack of omega 3 fatty acid in a feline’s diet can lead to this poor state of the skin. Another […]

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Five Homemade Treats For Your Pooch

We all love a delicious treat, especially homemade goodies. Well our canine friends enjoy them too! Wouldn’t you prefer your dog to be eating inexpensive healthy, easy-to-make homemade dog treats over the costly store-bought ones with harmful ingredients? To get you started, here are five quick and easy, healthy homemade dog treat recipes for delicious […]

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Winter Feeding Our Feathered Friends

When winter rolls in and our trees have lost their leaves and darkness comes early, wild birds still fill our suburban landscapes. We are amazed at their tenacity and resourcefulness as they search for food and warmth through the long winter months. We can help to provide these tiny creatures with food, cover, roosting areas, […]

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